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ServiceNow - From Automating IT to Complete Business Automation


Jitin Hirani

October 04, 2017

The past decade has witnessed an increased thrust in automating IT for business enterprises across the globe. However, with more organizations across the globe looking towards technology to improve workflows and business processes, organizations are moving towards digitizing the enterprise for greater productivity and better business outcomes. In order to enable their digital transformation initiatives, enterprises are looking at software platforms that can help automate business processes and provide support to IT service management. ServiceNow is one such platform that has become one of the major players in the world of IT management that is helping global organizations introduce advanced levels of automation in the workplace.

Benefits of IT Service Management through ServiceNow

Today’s market is replete with choices when it comes to IT Service Management. However, what organizations demand today is a comprehensive solution that can address all the IT service and infrastructure demands of the enterprise. With the ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management) platform, organizations get access to a single cloud-based platform that allows them to consolidate legacy systems, workflows, and tools. This helps them gain more control over their IT services, remove collaboration barriers, gain greater visibility to the entire IT team and take proactive steps. With the help of real-time analytics and better alignment of IT services with the business, it helps in increasing efficiencies and decision-making and minimizing the risks and costs associated with rapid changes.

The thought-leadership of ServiceNow is reinforced by Gartner. ServiceNow has been named as a Leader in the Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for IT Service Support Management Tools.

The Need for Service Automation

With the great digitization of IT services comes the need to increase automation across the entire business enterprise. Increased levels of automation promise greater productivity and consequently a higher level of revenue growth.

According to a report by ServiceNow called, ” Today’s State of Work: At the Breaking Point,” by 2018, over 46% of the surveyed companies believe that they will need to increase the level of automation to manage the growing work volumes. Almost 48% of the surveyed believe that the work levels have increased by almost over 20% in the last year alone. 94% of these companies also believe that intelligent automation will be a major contributor to productivity and over 54% of those surveyed have already employed intelligent automation in one or more business processes. The financial payoff of automation is also a factor that we cannot overlook. The report suggests that highly automated companies are “6x more likely to experience revenue growth of more than 15% versus companies with low automation”.

Key Areas of Business Process Automation with ServiceNow

Given the need for increased automation, organizations are not only looking at consolidating IT systems but are also inclined to automate business processes within and beyond the realm of IT. Since the business processes are rising incrementally within the enterprise, they demand greater interrelations, seamless information flow to improve communication between teams and automate repeatable operational elements to increase operational efficiencies. Here is how ServiceNow can help organizations enable complete Business Process Automation.

  • Human Resources

Organizations now can streamline their HR service delivery with the help of ServiceNow. ServiceNow helps HR departments across a plethora of functions. From increasing HR productivity, streamlining HR decision-making, providing employees with a single intuitive self-service portal for quick access to HR services to, reduce the burden of repetitive tasks and optimize resource utilization with automated workflows and case management, and gain greater visibility into different kinds of employee requests, everything can be easily automated. Additionally, with HR Service Delivery, HR departments can easily set up and manage onboarding workflows across different departments and simplify arduous onboarding processes with ease. With the simple dashboard and easy yet, comprehensive reporting capabilities, it becomes much easier for HR to produce real-time reports and proactively identify opportunities to improve HR service quality.

  • Procurement

ServiceNow helps procurement departments to increase their efficiencies and increase resource utilization by automating workflows. With ServiceNow, procurement teams can track service catalog requests, create and manage the purchase and transfer orders, receive and add assets to the system upon delivery to the stockroom. The Procurement purchase order management for assets feature ensures accurate purchase order information for easy invoice tracking receiving, and reporting.

  • Asset Management

With ServiceNow, organizations can gain greater visibility into their IT assets, optimize the IT asset lifecycle to deliver better IT services and augment asset utilization. By automating the asset lifecycle, organizations can identify and eliminate wasteful processes and repetitive human tasks and the costs associated with them. The ITAM data repository provided by ServiceNow stores data separately from the configuration management database which gives organizations greater flexibility as the ITAM tracks financial information and CMDB tracks configuration items, details and relationships. ServiceNow Asset Management helps organizations fulfill seamless asset provisioning, simplifies service cataloging, provides complete contract management capabilities, and also acts as a repository of all costs associated with asset ownership throughout their lifecycle.

  • Financial Services

Finance departments can now fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and ensure compliance with tax laws with the help of ServiceNow. With ServiceNow Finance Service Management, finance departments can efficiently consolidate work requests, finance reports, as well as procurement and payroll requests. The consumerlike selfservice portal helps the finance department automate routine tasks and build structured workflows. Comprehensive dashboards provide performance information and insights into resource utilization to aid better decision-making and work prioritization and also ensure regulatory compliance.

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

ServiceNow helps IT operations ensure that enterprise infrastructure and applications are always available for business. With ServiceNow ITOM, organizations can manage infrastructure, applications, and processes in a highly automated and service-centric manner. The ITOM offering provides greater visibility into the organizations IT landscape, leverages machine learning driven analytics to reduce event noise and prevent outages, increase operational intelligence by proactivity identifying anomalous IT behavior and provides secure self-service access to cloud resources by following good governance and ensuring compliance with business policies.

IT Business Management (ITBM)

The ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) suite provides organizations with complete financial and portfolio visibility by giving a 360-degree view of the entire IT portfolio of services and business applications. Its dynamic scoring engine ensures better alignment of IT services and investments with application rationalization along with providing a collaborative governance and funding model based on Program and Portfolio Workbenches. The ITBM also helps in making IT more agile and ensures accelerated service delivery by providing a singular place to view cost, resource, and project status data, etc. It employs collaborative work management features and helps organizations run their IT department like a business.


Under the ServiceNow umbrella, forward-thinking organizations can get all the solutions they need to ensure complete business automation that enables digital transformation.

As ServiceNow platinum partners, we have the expertise to guide organizations with their ServiceNow implementations and ensure that the transition is smooth and efficient. Connect with us to discover how ServiceNow can benefit your enterprise.

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