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ServiceNow Implementation at InfoBeans - The Roadmap


Tarulata Champawat

December 20, 2019

At InfoBeans, we follow a systematic approach to implement ServiceNow to make sure that you realize your business goals effortlessly.

With the right set of implementation strategy, ServiceNow gives you intended results. It improves business processes, operations, workflows, and eventually capture early ROI. However, before you begin, it is integral to first clearly define your business goals and match them against ServiceNow implementation roadmap. Also, perform a reality check of what your enterprise really need in terms of technology and align your ServiceNow implementation goals accordingly. Once done, there are logical and methodical steps to drive ServiceNow implementation that we follow at InfoBeans meticulously. Let us look at each step closely:

  1. Align enterprise vision and ServiceNow: Yes, it is crucial to identify how implementing ServiceNow will help you get close to your vision. For a fruitful ServiceNow implementation, first create a plan that gets you closer to your vision. Define performance benchmarks and success parameters; it will help you identify any deviations from the actual plan and take timely corrective measures.
  2. Analyze IT ‘Now’ and ‘Then’: Build a ServiceNow implementation framework that is sustainable in the long term. Identify the gap between the current IT infrastructure of your enterprise and the future technology requirements. Plan your ServiceNow implementation strategy while keeping a close eye on where you want to take your enterprise in terms of IT in the future and make necessary amendments in the plan if it is not in sync.
  3. Assess Technology and Support: Once the implementation sequence is in place, the next logical step is to assess technology and database foundation, primarily CMDB (Configuration Management Database).CMDB is critical to ServiceNow implementation; it has capabilities that are needed for a successful implementation. In addition to CMDB, define a clear reference architecture to save your enterprise from any future technical risks. Also, instance management based on your intended outcome is imperative for ServiceNow implementation.
  4. Drive adoption: The ultimate objective of technology is to encourage customers to use it more and more. Your enterprise must focus on creating an environment that leads to early adoption by customers, process users, and developers; otherwise, your ServiceNow implementation would be futile and will not yield the desired results.

A quick wrap-up: The success of ServiceNow implementation largely depends upon the management capabilities; it is their onus to ensure that the enterprise benefits most from ServiceNow implementation. When you align your people, process, and technology with your ServiceNow implementation goals, you will get the maximum value. Before you delve into implementation, make sure that your technology foundation is right in place to support the framework. And last but not least, focus on building a community of experts with dedicated resources and training.

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