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Why is the Salesforce Experience Cloud the next best thing for you?


Vatsala Garg

June 29, 2021

If you are here, odds are you are hearing a lot of buzz about the Salesforce Experience Cloud and looking for more insights.

Originally named ‘Salesforce Community Cloud’, ‘Experience Cloud’ is among the most popular cloud options from Salesforce and is known for its remarkable integration and collaboration capabilities. It also offers personalization, customization, branding, and engagement solutions. 

What sets Salesforce Experience Cloud apart from other community programs is its unique integration feature where it can integrate with everything in the Salesforce system and with most of the third-party platforms, as well.

Let us understand why Experience Cloud is important for your business and learn from companies that have implemented it. 

Improve transparency and accountability

Salesforce Experience Cloud offers a space for key external stakeholders to view, edit, or comment on relevant data resulting in increased transparency and accountability. 

The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) provides funding to programs that support populations affected by or at risk of HIV/AIDS. By moving it to the Experience cloud, EJAF enabled its trustees to review and vote on shortlisted grants in the application pipeline. Moreover, they use this portal to stay up to date on basic information and the progress of grants in the pipeline, viewing reports and dashboards directly in the Experience. Experience cloud has empowered its trustees with the right data to make decisions that have a far-reaching impact within their community of stakeholders.

Streamline online application processes

Salesforce Experiences allow organizations to streamline and automate even the most complex application processes with an online application portal. The portal allows applicants to create accounts and then log in to view calls for proposals, submit an application, and track the status of the application. The applicant portal can also provide a knowledge base for applicants to refer to FAQs, access relevant articles, and interact with other applicants.

Camp Harbor View (CHV) which provides academic guidance, career exploration, and parent programs implemented a robust camp management system on Salesforce and integrated it with Experience Cloud to centralize applications and enrollment. The system is integrated with an online application portal; parents can use the portal to submit applications, update contact information, and manage their applications for campers online. 

The staff can also send mass emails to the prospective applicants, proceed applicants through application processes,  and follow up with parents and campers, where necessary.

Excellent customer service through self-service

Creating a community knowledge hub is one of the main aims when using Experience Cloud for customers. Not only is creating a knowledge hub great for sharing knowledge articles with customers, but it also allows access to information 24/7.

Besides, the self-service option enables the customer to raise a ticket to the support team where everyone can check the response.  

CoreHR is using Experience Cloud to assist the support efforts for their customers. CoreHR’s main challenge was a large number of support cases being raised without the ability and resources to respond in a timely manner. With the implementation of Experience Cloud, Core HR has seen significant reductions in case escalation and can run reports to check how many cases have been deflected by their knowledge base and suggested articles. 

Other benefits of Experience cloud :-

Partner Management

Using Experience Cloud for partner management will not only give you better communication with partners but also allows you to manage them more accurately and effectively. 

Suppliers can utilize the partner portal to share updates, news, training, and more on a home page news feed. Partners can also raise issues to suppliers from within the community. 

Onboarding partners has become quick and easy with certification and training programs. 

Integration and Upselling

Experience cloud is an excellent tool for upselling. It integrates with third-party systems such as Mulesoft, Jitterbit, Jira, to streamline inventory and pricing.

Salesforce Experience Cloud is here to delight your team and all stakeholders by offering connected digital experiences. 

Set up a meeting with us if you’d like to explore ways that Experience cloud can spice up your digital transformation efforts or write to us at marketing@infobeans.com

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