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ServiceNow ITAM: A must-have for modern businesses


Anuja Pawar

March 22, 2023

Samira is a Chief Technology Officer and relatively new to the organization. She wants a comprehensive report on company infrastructure assets like Routers, Servers, software, and Applications to make sure that valuable resources aren’t being wasted on redundant assets. 

She also wants a report on every program on each system and information on when the licenses for each program will expire. 

As an integral member of the IT team, are you filled with dread? 

If you’re already sweating at the idea of finding the data for these reports, have no fear. 

ServiceNow IT Asset Management is here to the rescue.

And today’s your lucky day because we are here to tell you all about what makes ServiceNow ITAM (Asset Management) a must-have for modern businesses.

What is ServiceNow ITAM?

ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a tool that automates the whole life cycle of all software, hardware, and cloud assets on a single platform. It’s a cloud-based, agentless, turnkey solution that can be set up in no time. Its integrated workflows are far superior to other platforms.

With ServiceNow ITAM you can reduce unused assets such as SaaS subscriptions, hardware sitting on a shelf, and cloud IaaS and PaaS that are seldom used.

ServiceNow ITAM was reviewed by an independent Silicon Valley B2B review service

FinancesOnline, where it received a near-perfect score of 9.7 out of 10.

Use Cases of ServiceNow IT Asset Management

ServiceNow IT Asset Management has numerous use cases. They include:

  • Creating and tracking ordered assets automatically. Asset records are created with complete data about the asset model, user request, order, and cost. 
  • Managing stockroom assets such as hardware, consumables, etc. and defining a physical and logical stockroom hierarchy. 
  • Populating service catalogs easily. ServiceNow ITAM can bring in data directly from vendors.
  • Defining any number of contract types. ServiceNow ITAM keeps track of key contract terms and conditions, version control and electronic document storage.
  • Having a repository for all costs associated with an asset. 
  • During HR Onboarding, you can source, configure, and deploy hardware and software. 

How can ServiceNow ITAM help your business?

ServiceNow ITAM can help businesses in several ways, including:

  • Improved IT Asset Visibility: You can have complete visibility of IT assets, including hardware, software, and virtual assets. This helps to track and manage assets efficiently, ensuring that they are used optimally.
  • Centralized Asset Repository: You can enjoy a single centralized repository for all IT assets. Also, easily track and manage IT assets across multiple locations, departments, and business units.
  • Accurate Asset Information: Keep your asset information up-to-date, accurate, and complete. Your asset data will always be reliable, enabling IT teams to make informed decisions.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management: You can manage the entire lifecycle of IT assets, from procurement to disposal. This includes asset tracking, maintenance, and disposal, ensuring that IT assets are optimized throughout their lifecycle.
  • Improved Compliance and Security: Easily comply with industry regulations and standards by having real-time visibility into IT asset data. ServiceNow ITAM also helps to identify potential security risks, such as unauthorized software installations or unpatched systems.
  • Better Cost Management: Cut costs by having a complete view of IT assets and their usage. You can identify underutilized assets, negotiate better maintenance contracts, and improve the procurement processes.
  • Integration with Other ServiceNow Modules: ServiceNow IT Asset Management is tightly integrated with other ServiceNow modules, such as IT Service Management and Configuration Management. This ensures smoother operations within the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Now, you can send those asset reports to Samira with the click of a button. You just have to implement ServiceNow ITAM. 

Modern businesses need modern solutions. And ServiceNow ITAM is a truly modern solution. It allows your organization to increase profitability, reduce risk, and, most importantly, stay miles ahead of the competition.

If you’re planning to implement ServiceNow asset management for your company, you can contact us here.

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