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7 automation trends to watch out for in 2023


Vatsala Garg

December 13, 2022

Ah Automation! The magic word! 

Since the first industrial revolution, automation has been synonymous to progress. Also, the rise of robotics and AI has certainly served to amplify its impact.

Automation Trends


As automation maintains its place as a key player in the industry, it’s important to be aware of the trends shaping its development. In a previous blog titled Automation Trends 2022, we covered our predictions for automation in the year 2022. As predicted, the year saw hyper automation take center stage as AI/ML became more and more commonplace. 

However, the top 7 automation trends for 2023, according to Ui Path, point towards an increasing focus on intelligent automation. This unlocks a broader range of business benefits. Let’s take a look:

TREND #1 Complete Automation 

In 2023, we’re looking at complete automation. Business leaders are making strategic efforts to implement automation across the entirety of their businesses. Complete, enterprise-wide automation introduces 40% greater productivity and efficiency improvements than piecemeal automation alone.

Automation Trends

TREND #2 Counteracting lack of top talent and inflation with automation

The ‘Great Resignation’ and war for talent are here to stay. UiPath’s research shows that 60% of executives are struggling to staff key roles across their business. And of course inflation is predicted to be a continuing concern in the coming years—with rates as high as 9.1% in 2022. Execs are now rethinking the workforce with automation. A whopping 78% plan to further invest in automation to fill talent shortages. 85% also believe that automation can help reduce turnover and attract new talent.

TREND #3 A role evolution for Digital CIOs 

2023 will see a continued evolution of many roles–most prominently Digital CIO’s. Digital CIO’s are already using automation to rise up against new challenges, resulting in an expansion of their role. In UiPath’s survey, 90% of CIO’s acknowledged that their role has expanded into new territories such as analytics, ESG, talent acquisition, and sales and marketing. 54% have reported that they’ve turned to automating business and IT processes to drive revenue.

TREND #4 Process mining and automated testing take center stage

Process mining and task mining are new automated discovery tools that apply advanced AI. 41% of top automators have already invested in process discovery tools while 82% of execs believe process mining drives better automation outcomes. Also, automated testing can now quickly, thoroughly test automations and apps helping you improve their quality and performance. In fact, businesses getting the most value from digital transformations are twice as likely to use automated testing.

TREND #5 Low-code becomes a top priority 

2023 will carry on the trend of low code because low code means high growth. Low-code development tools are useful for users of all skill levels, even professional developers as it can let them skip time-consuming manual coding and get to the finished product faster. In fact, successful automators are 3X more likely to have used low-code programs. Also, when companies introduce citizen development programs, 29% more processes become automated.

TREND #6 AI-powered innovations pave way for new automation opportunities

AI and automation are like two powerful peas in a fantastic pod. They tackle entirely new realms of work and their capabilities are growing like never before. These realms include Natural Language Processing and Intelligent Document Processing.  AI-fueled improvements in Natural Language Processing is one of the biggest reasons for the prediction of 39% growing CAGR for NLP through 2030. It will also be a catalyst for 34% CAGR for Intelligent Document Processing through 2027.

TREND #7 A search for jack of all (business) trades

Automation changes not just technology or processes, but also the culture and makeup of an organization. Automation has led 34% of workers to foresee a change in roles and work patterns in the near future. Organizations will put more focus on delivering the greatest value from automation efforts. In fact, 77% of business leaders say they’ll need employees with greater critical thinking and project management capabilities. Leadership and communication skills will also see a huge rise in demand.

We can see that automation is certainly heading for a bright future ahead. However, the true scale of it is yet to be seen. By the looks of it, industrial automation investment in 2023 will continue to grow–not just to complement the human workforce but also to unlock new business capabilities and insights. 

Whether these predictions come true or not, we’re certainly excited to be a part of the exciting leaps technology takes in the coming year. What about you?

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