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A showcase of brilliant ideas that last: Innovation Day 2024


Tarulata Champawat

January 08, 2024

600 registrations, offline event at 2 different locations on same day-same time, 60+ days of preparation, 46 entry ideas, 11 shortlisted, 6 jury members, and 4 winning teams. These are the key figures for Innovation Day 2024, which welcomed remarkably talented team members to come up with creative ideas for ready-to-market – accelerators.

And, it’s a wrap! 

A symphony of brilliant ideas unfolded as the titans of the InfoBeans team came together under one roof to showcase their skills at Innovation Day 2024 in Indore and Pune. Held on January 6, 2024, Innovation Day is a groundbreaking technical extravaganza that celebrates diversity in technology. This annual flagship event aims to kindle a fervent interest in modern engineering and technology while inspiring and nurturing research in various cutting-edge domains.

The focus of the event was to bring two worlds together: InfoBeans’ history of innovation & expertise and innovative ideas from the team.

The Innovations


Cutting-edge incident resolution system

IntelliAgent powered by AI and RPA, offers a game-changing approach to handling incidents swiftly and effectively. It offers AI-driven insights for real-time incident analysis, RPA integration for automated, error-free resolution workflows, and scalability to adapt to ever evolving operational needs. 


Boost your cloud efficiency with AI-powered VM rightsizing!

An advanced ML-based accelerator that removes the uncertainty from VM sizing by dynamically aligning workloads with the ideal configuration. Now you can achieve lowered cloud costs, optimized performance, increased productivity, and streamlined management from your existing infrastructure.


Innovating health, transforming lives

A single platform for managing all aspects of patient care, with a core focus on prioritizing patients in every interaction! It tracks patient interactions, manages appointments, patient records, admissions, and outcomes, coordinates care with other providers, and provides ongoing engagement.

Digital Asset Connector

Salesforce + Web3 powering tomorrow

The solution acts as a bridge between Blockchain, NFTs, and CRM, an essential component of the groundbreaking web 3.0. With digital asset connector, you can convert any web2 application into a web3 application. The solution also includes other use cases such as event ticketing and access management through NFTs, brand loyalty programs, and the tokenization of real-world assets such as paintings, real estate properties, and payment systems.

Data Yaar

Motion planning to address the challenges of data automation

Data Yaar simplifies the data deployment process, eliminates the need for engaging specialists to handle deployment tasks, and guides through deployment with hierarchical dependency.


Effortless efficiency

Vishwakarma allows users to leverage and combine the capabilities of AI and Accelerator Repo. It delivers a seamless experience while bypassing the hassle of manual research and implementation, hence providing robust templatized solutions with lightning-fast go-to-market speeds.

RapidApprove Connect

Unlock swift approvals

Revolutionize your approval workflows and decision-making process. The solution has the ability to implement a Mass Approval option within Salesforce clouds to enable decision-makers to review and approve multiple requests simultaneously, addressing the current lack of efficiency in the approval process.


Timing excellence for optimal impact

A cutting-edge solution for orchestrating downtime across diverse time zones, ensuring every user experiences minimal disruption. When in action, the tool navigates through the complexities of global Salesforce deployments and reviews strategies that transform operational efficiency in real-time.

Blockchain Wizards

Create your own website and network in minutes

This public blockchain accelerator helps you create your own NFT marketplace within 20 minutes. There is an admin panel where you just need to fill out the form with your website information, like your logo, theme color, and blockchain network, and then deploy it on the server. With a private blockchain network, you can create an accelerator through which a complex and time-consuming network can be created within a few minutes.  This can work in any sector, such as the food supply chain, healthcare, etc.


AI enhanced learning analytics assistant

Say goodbye to missed content and hello to a smarter, more effective learning experience with InsightFocus, an AI-driven platform that analyzes your expressions during video learning, ensuring maximum engagement and personalized insights.


Revolutionize HIRING!

An advanced solution for quick and accurate candidate selection. Its AI/ML algorithms find suitable candidates, evaluate technical skills, and show visual insights. It speeds up candidate searches to save time for the HR team, so they can focus on engaging the best talent.

Growth stories

Not only did we shine a spotlight on exciting new innovations, but we also highlighted the remarkable growth stories of accelerators introduced in past Innovation Day events.

These ideas have not merely remained conceptual, but have successfully transitioned into tangible market launches. The notable accelerators include:

Ultra Field history tracker hero

Ultra Field History Tracker

Unlimited history tracker

Ultra Field History Tracker is a field auditing tool that enforces governance by tracking history data within Salesforce. It provides forever retention of audited data, easy access to reporting and dashboards and deleted record history and rollbacks. The solution is available on AppExchange and have been used by multiple clients over the years.

Lighthouse Salesforce solution


Monitoring Salesforce limits

Lighthouse is a Salesforce solution that offers a comprehensive view of Salesforce instances, governs limits quota consumption, and expedites release velocity. It fosters innovation and business continuity through proactive monitoring and notification.



Save money on ServiceNow storage

Frustrated by ServiceNow storage costs? Spacewarp reduces your ServiceNow storage cost by 80%. It is an easy-to-configure, rule-based tool that drastically cuts down your ServiceNow storage. Spacewarp is a smart scheduler that frees up ServiceNow instance data in just a few clicks. 


A standards development solution that the industry deserves

Driven by our ongoing commitment to enhance the standard creation and distribution experience, we built ‘Stanza’, a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects of the standards development lifecycle and meticulously adheres to ANSI guidelines.

While the curtains have fallen on this year’s Innovation Day, we hope that the spark of creating cutting-edge solutions and passion forever remains ablaze in everyone’s heart!

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