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Innovation Day 2020 - A Sneak-peek into 14 innovative ideas


Tarulata Champawat

March 25, 2020

With this blog, we intend to take you through 14 innovative ideas and provide a glimpse of each technology, use cases and how they created WOW!

Held on 25th January 2020, Innovation Day is our flagship annual event where team members from InfoBeans get an opportunity to explore the convergence of emerging #technologies and #innovative problem-solving ideas. More than 50+ brilliant minds from the top colleges of #Indore and 400+ dignitaries were part of our event.

The event featured #presentations and #booths on mainstream technologies such as the brain waves, AI/NLP, Robotics, Speech-to-text, IoT, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, ServiceNow, Solenoid, Docker and more presented by InfoBeans #innovators. All teams shared their innovative ideas with the audience and competed to showcase their in-depth knowledge of technology and passion for creating #innovation and #WOW together.

Without much ado, let’s give you a deeper understanding of different ideas at the conference:

Predction IT Issues ServiceNow

Idea: The IT team of any organization maintains a lot of data that pertains to IT operations like the number of laptops, desktops, licenses, and a lot more. The process is largely manual, consumes time, error-prone and cumbersome. Predicting IT Issues addresses the problem efficiently by using ServiceNow features like Discovery, Alert Management, and Performance Analytics to automate the process of monitoring and forecasting the issues. Besides monitoring the vulnerable or blacklisted software installation on any machine, the technology also enhances the overall IT environment security.

Brain Brain Waves Technology
Brain waves

Idea: At the root of all our emotions, feelings, behaviors, and responses are the communication between neurons within our brains. Brain waves are the electrical impulses that are produced in our brains when neurons interact with each other. Brain waves are detected using sensors placed on the scalp. These sensors are in the form of an electroencephalogram headset that converts the signals into digital data through a microcontroller by applying Machine Learning and AI algorithms on this data. The patterns of our thoughts are identified, and the output is precisely what we thought.

IoT, Machine Learning

Idea: The ideas Traffic Analyzer, Smart Parking, and Smart Conference harness the fusion of IoT with ML and AI. While IoT helped make use of smart devices, ML helped in Object Detection using Algorithms and custom models and AI helped to develop the entire smart system, by replicating the human effort.

Mixed Reality
Mixed Reality

Idea: A hologram is a three-dimensional projection of an object that exists freely in space and is visible to everyone without the need for 3D glasses. This concept is based on Mixed Reality, which is a combination of both AR and VR. It enables interaction of the real world with digital objects i.e.; virtual objects are placed in the real world in such a manner that it looks as if they belong there itself.

Comic Strip

Idea: The application ‘Comic Strip’ is treated exactly like a comic artist to whom you narrate your story, give your photo, and he, in turn, creates a comic from your story and photo. The app ‘Comic Strip,’ too, draws a comic strip of the story with each Strip depicting the emotions of people involved in the conversation.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Idea: AutoWirte MOM has adequately addressed all the issues that come with manual operation of Minutes of Meeting. It recognizes the registered users based on their voice and records the meeting. Once the meeting is recorded, a transcript gets generated in the desired format. The transcript is then emailed to all the stakeholders of the meeting once the meeting is done. The Application will also undergo specific future enhancements like tracking Action Items out of the conversation when it is mentioned explicitly in the meeting and a meeting scheduler.


Idea: Smart contracts are similar to a legal document and create terms between two parties that deal with each other using smart contracts. Also, the contracts use public ledger for storage purposes. Smart contracts are triggered when a condition is met and is completely autonomous. Smart contracts increase transparency, security, accuracy, speed, efficiency, and low transaction cost.

Computer Vision

Idea: The idea is to increase the business efficiency of eyewear fulfillment. It utilizes both old school and new school AI techniques and experiment-driven design processes to innovate valuable proprietary technologies for advancing state of the art in eyewear fulfillment. An online customer can now order eyeglasses, and accurate judgment of his lens power and pupil distance can be made using the tool, Eye Pupil Movement.

Modern success in specific verticals is often determined by business process efficiency. By innovating solutions using modern technologies, both efficiency and customer satisfaction can be improved.

Elastic, Logstash, Kibana

Idea: ELK is a log management platform. It creates a central system that stores logs from multiple servers. ELk monitors all server and application and shows application and SQL logs on a graphical dashboard. It provides centralized monitoring for all servers, and the best part is it is an Open Source platform. You can see your application logs on a single dashboard, even if your application is hosted on 50 servers. It monitors Database server resources and performance and monitors Apache & IIS logs.

Speech-to-text, JavaScript

Idea: Voice-Driven Web Form is a web application that accepts the commands from users without any keyboard or physical activity (touch, etc.). A user speaks the highlighted sections displayed over the web-application, and the browser takes the appropriate actions. The application works by creating a JavaScript library that can be inserted into a web application. For speech to text and text to speech conversion, the browser speech feature is used.

Selenoid, Docker

Idea: Parallel Test Automation aims to create an ecosystem for test case execution, which enables users to achieve cross-browser compatibility and also supports various browser versions. The execution happens in parallel and at a mass level. It also triggers execution by voice commands to the Alexa device.

Augmented Reality

Idea: AR/MR Business Card is an Augmented Reality App that provides an interactive user experience that helps to project business information like social media profile, Geolocation, web link, videos, and much more. It scans business cards in the AR App and provides features like Call function, Social media Icons, Office Addresses, and also play corporate videos, interactive 3d models.

Machine Learning

Idea: The differently-abled people, especially those who can’t speak and hear, can’t use the smart assistant devices as normal people do. Gesture Recognition creates a capability for such people to communicate with the digital world through sign language. Gesture Recognition helps differently-abled people to communicate using their gestures and get their tasks done. The system converts their sign gesture to the text and audio and helps them express their feelings and emotions easily.


Idea: The idea makes use of a Robot, who communicates with you through eyes. The input to the robot is given via joystick or webcam. It identifies six basic facial expressions -Natural, Happy, Angry, Disgust, Sadness, and Surprised. The Interactive dual eye mechanism follows a person visible on the webcam and reacts on the expressions of a person.

Conclusion: InfoBeans innovation conference 2020 turned out to be spectacular. Our effort to weave innovation, collaboration, and WOW in one single thread, made this conference a huge success. The credit of this success goes to our team members who actively participated in the conference and gave their efforts to create engaging presentations and booth demos.
Delighted by the engagement and response of our conference, we are excited for Innovation Day 2021 and look forward to bringing forth disruptive innovation to enable our clients’ success.

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